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Does your business need a new integrated communications system installed or an existing system moved to another location? From your corporate enterprise to your office at home, TEi is here to provide the source and solution package you need for your communication system. That's what we're all about - we will install the equipment as evaluated for your needs with reliable connections at a competitive price.

TEi is an authorized dealer of major brand name communications equipment, and we can sell or lease anything from single line sets to complete business systems. TEi can provide you with new, refurbished or used equipment including Panasonic, and other major name brand equipment.

Our services include all low-voltage system installation and repair as well as pre-wiring, wiring, and cabling of telecommunications, security and data com systems. TEi can handle all of your special needs utilizing proven solution-based system setup and servicing. If you have a project underway, TEi will liaison in our areas of specialty. We offer:

Telecommunications Systems

Your phone system is often the first contact your customers have with your business. It's important to make a professional first impression.

Security Systems

Cabling / Computer Networks

It is becoming very rare for an office not to have a computer network. Today, computers are as essential business tools as conversation. That's why our services includes wiring for:

Note: When wiring an office for a new digital telephone system, it is very cost- effective to wire for a computer network at the same time (because most of the cost is incurred for that first wire pull, its almost no extra labor to pull a computer network cable at the same time).

User Training

The equipment is only half the picture - you need to be able to use it. Good training means getting the most out of your TEi system: productivity, morale, and efficiency. No more wasted or missed opportunities. TEi is proud to offer user and operator training on the phone and voicemail systems that we sell. We'll even be happy to provide refresher training at any time for the duration of your optional maintenance contract, when you choose.


1 year warranty on all new equipment, or as stated, 90 day and up to 1 year on refurbished equipment. Extended maintenance contracts at low-cost are also available for when your equipment warranty expires. Of course we do our best to assure that we will minimize downtime from any disaster man-made or otherwise.

Maintenance and Repair

TEi is committed to maintaining our system in good working order, assuring years of dependable service. We provide 24-hour per day, seven days per week service and maintenance on most major brands of communication equipment. TEi offers a two-hour emergency response time and 24 hour non-emergency response time for system maintenance and repair or replacement. We maintain a full inventory of parts and equipment necessary to perform both ordinary and emergency service. Our technicians are fully trained and able to service all of the systems that we sell. Most new systems will communicate through modem or web site access to facilitate and expedite your requests or the system's own warnings.

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TEi is confident in our ability to meet the telecommunication and data communication challenges that you encounter offering dependable solutions from 14 years since our founding and over 20 years of experience. From simple situations to complex unified remote systems, TEi has the answer for your business. With 20 years hands-on experience installing, maintaining and troubleshooting, we offer fast response, quality service at bargain prices!

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Fully licensed and insured. Bonding available. Applicable and Certified in ADA requirements as well as licensed by New York State and National Associations: NY Burglar and Fire Alarm, National Burglar and Fire Alarm Associations.

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